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Lincoln Manor Association is a community of 429 attached townhome units in a park like setting of approximately 45 acres. We are located on cul de sacs off W.9th Street and on adjacent streets: Simpson Place, Rockwell Place, Agnew Place and Blair Place. Other units are located on Simpson Street, and on cul de sacs off W. 8th Street and on adjacent streets: Damon Court, Derico Court, Ruth Court, Rainbow Court and off Trowbridge.

We have a beautiful pool area off Simpson Street with two pools: a wading pool for children and a larger pool for swimming. Adjacent to the pool area is a basketball area and playground. There are 6 other playgrounds located in areas off Simpson Place, Rockwell Place, Trowbridge, Agnew Place, Blair Place and Ruth Place.
Located at 970 W. 8th Street is the on-site office which is staffed by an administrative assistant, our maintenance and ACC staff.

~ Notes from the Board ~
                                                                             IMPORTANT NOTICE     
Office Closed to the Public
In accordance with recent events regarding the COVID19 virus, we ask all residents NOT to physically come to the office or approach office staff on site at this time. Until the County of Sonoma restriction is lifted, please email us at and/or leave a message on the office line at 707.528.1459. We will be checking voice mail periodically. Please do not be offended if you see us inside the office, but we cannot open the door – this is for everyone's safety.
If you leave a dues payment in the mail drop and wish to have a receipt mailed to you, please leave a note on your check.

We wish to protect our team as well as you.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!
Oficina cerrada al público
De acuerdo con los eventos recientes relacionados con el virus COVID19, les pedimos a todos los residentes que NO vengan físicamente a la oficina o se acerquen al personal de la oficina en el sitio en este momento. Mientras tanto, le pedimos que nos envíe un correo electrónico a y / o deje un mensaje en la línea de la oficina 707.528.1459 que verificará periódicamente. No se ofenda si nos ve dentro de la oficina y no abrimos la puerta, es por la seguridad de todos.
Si deja un pago de cuotas en el correo y desea recibir un recibo por correo, deje una nota en su cheque.
Deseamos proteger a nuestro equipo así como a usted.
¡Gracias por su comprensión y cooperación!
Lincoln Manor Association Parks are CLOSED until further notice
Click on link below for more information -
If you need to appeal a ticket, fine or ACC violation, the Appeals Meeting will now be held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 5:30 p.m. at the Lincoln Manor Office. The Committee Meeting will continue to meet on this date and time as well.  If you are interested in assisting on a committee, please come - the Board welcomes homeowner participation!
The City of Santa Rosa passed an ordinance regulating Smoking in Multi-Unit Housing on July 7, 2015.
Condominiums/PUDs fall under this ordinance as well as apartments.
Beginning on October 6, 2015: Smoking, including electronic smoking devices, is prohibited in all units, patios, and all common areas - including parking, lawn & pool areas and playgrounds.
If you are an owner and your unit is leased and expires between October 7, 2015 and August 7, 2016, you are required to amend the lease at the time of renewal to include smoking prohibitions inside the unit.
If you would like further information on this ordinance, go to:
                               NEIGHBORWOOD WATCH!

New information will be coming soon...
There are 5 stations in total so far - one by the pool area and the others along W. 8th Street and W. 9th St.  The Board wants to encourage pet owners to pick up after their dogs. PLEASE BE A RESPONSIBLE OWNER! Thank you for being a good neighbor.

~ Homeowner Tip ~
You can get 4 free pick-ups a year OR a 3 yard receptacle for 2 days. You will have to call North Bay Corporation at: 707-586-1478 and provide them with your personal account number, let them know you would like a bulky item picked up. Please call the office if you are going to leave such items in front of your unit for pickup, Thank you!

~ Jumpy Houses ~
Jumpy Houses and inflatable toys for parties are now permitted in the common area, BUT ONLY if you fill out the jumpy request form, provide an insurance certificate and sign the indemnification. The forms are available at the office or click on the link below for English or Spanish. If you put up a jumpy without approval, you will be fined $100 and will have to remove it immediately!
Below is the Request form.
Below is the indemnification form.

~ Featured Home of the Month ~
ACC Inspections
Posted on Mar 6th, 2013
                              ACC INSPECTIONS - BE PREPARED!
Inspections are underway. If you receive a notice of needed repairs - you have 30 days to comply. If there are extenuating circumstances file for a Variance - if you wait and don't complete the work, you will be fined $100 and $5/day until the repairs are made. Also, don't forget to make sure your front yard is presentable - free of weeds and debris. If you don't want a lawn, there are lots of options, but make sure you fill out a variance form before making any changes!
Make your home the best it can be, not only for yourself, but for the entire association. By doing so, you will increase the overall value and desirability of Lincoln Manor Association. Here is an example: this well maintained home is located at 1000 Damon Court.

Committee Meeting
Tuesday, October 19, 2021
Contact Jamie Barron (property manager) for Zoom invite if you want to attend at 707-544-9443 or

~ Contact Us ~
President:              Ron Beiden
Vice-President:      Todd Wenderoth
Treasurer:              Pam Elliot
Secretary:              Karen Baird
Member at
   Large:                 Prestina Alvarez
ON-SITE OFFICE - 970 W. 8th Street
  Xochitl MacPhee     528-1459 (phone)
                                528-8246 (fax)
ACC Inspector
  Omar Valencia      494-7620 (cell)
  Jamie Barron
  Focus Real Estate & Inv., Inc.
  3936 Mayette Ave., Santa Rosa
                               544-9443 x108  (phone)
                               544-5418 (fax)
(Titan Protective Services)
 Call:  707-568-4079

Please note - Union Bank has changed their platform. If you had registered to pay online, you should have received an email. If you are having difficulty, please contact Charie at 707-544-9443 x101.
You can make an dues payment online by following the steps below.
1.  Go to:
2.  The first time you use the site, you will need to register - all of the information is in your coupon book.
3.  If you have been using the online payment with Union Bank, you will have received an email from them with instructions on how to use the new site.
4.  If you have any questions, please call Union Bank Customer Service at 800-705-0600, and they will be happy to assist you.

*Or, if you would like to have your dues automatically deducted each month, contact Management for the form.

~ Survey ~
No Surveys Open
View Archived Surveys

There are open seats on the Board of Directors of Lincoln Manor Association. If you are interested in serving your community and want to become involved in the process of running your Association, please stop by the Lincoln Manor Office and fill out a form.
Board members meet once a month, as well as on Committee Meeting nights, and rotate on the Appeals Meetings.
Don't feel you have enough time?  You can always volunteer for one of the Committees: Landscape, Pool, Playgrounds, Security and Architectural Control. The Committees meet once a month.

See "CALENDAR" in the left hand column under MEMBER FORMS. You can view each month to see when the Board of Directors Meetings, Appeals Meetings and Committee Meetings will be held. We will also post special events and holidays are noted when the office is closed.
The Agenda for each month's Board of Directors Meeting will be posted on Thursday before each Board Meeting. Just click on Calendar and the agenda for that meeting will be displayed.
All homeowners are encouraged to attend either Board or Committee Meetings. Your input is welcomed by the Board. Lincoln Manor is your community - please get involved! Note:  Meetings are being held via teleconferencing until the COVID19 order is listed - contact Management for instructions to attend the meeting.

~ Upcoming Events ~
No Events at this time.